• Call to Arms

  • Recognition Wall

    We would like to thank our sponsors who have shown distinct dedication and loyalty to BIA-Hawaii to assist in fiscal solvency during and after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your support of our programs shows that our impact on the building industry and community will survive the pandemic and beyond. We are looking forward to another 65 successful years!


  • About the 2021 Call to Arms Sponsorship

    It was 1955 when ten visionary builders joined with others to charter the Home Builders Association of Hawaii. Over the last 65 years, BIA-Hawaii has been at the epicenter of transforming the Territory of Hawaii into the beautiful State of Hawaii we call home today. Our entire built environment from homes to high-rises to hotels to hospitals – and every part of our infrastructure – has been touched by the hands and hearts of our members. We have a tremendous legacy in shaping our communities and we will continue to play a vital role in the way Hawaii transforms itself again as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As an essential business, the construction industry has for the most part, been spared from the most severe COVID restrictions; we haven’t been crushed the way our travel & hospitality, and food industries have. However, trade associations like BIA-Hawaii have not been spared from significant financial strain due to the cancellation of Home Shows and many in-person events and classes, which are our most important revenue-generating activities. This revenue is what annually enables BIA-Hawaii to offer member programs and benefits, as well as the ability to advocate on your behalf.  In years prior to the pandemic, nearly 64% of BIA-Hawaii’s annual operating expense budget was based upon these type of in-person shows, events and classes.

    The 2021 Call to Arms is necessary to support the BIA-Hawaii during this unprecedented time. BIA continues to seek new and innovative revenue-generating opportunities, all while providing our members with the programs and services you know, you need, and you enjoy. We are grateful to our 2021 Call to Arms Sponsors for supporting our 65-year-old organization to ensure its longevity for years to come.