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    The construction industry has been blessed to be designated as essential during the COVID-19 Pandemic, however, BIA-Hawaii as an association has taken a very serious financial blow. The pandemic has greatly affected our main revenue sources: our award-winning Home Shows, our professional development educational classes, our awards and installation ceremony events, and our general membership meetings.
    In order to help BIA-Hawaii continue the great work it started 65 years ago and remain a valuable asset to our industry, we are asking every member to consider supporting BIA-Hawaii by participating in BIA-Hawaii’s 2021 Corporate Partnership Opportunities or by contributing to BIA-Hawaii through a specialty one-time contribution – a Call-To-Arms Sponsorship – to support BIA-Hawaii in continuing with the work of its mission for the next year and beyond.

    Enclosed, you’ll find a letter from BIA-Hawaii’s CEO that will provide additional information regarding the difficulties BIA-Hawaii is suffering and the challenges BIA-Hawaii faces in the coming year. We feel that transparency to you in the decisions BIA-Hawaii has made to ride out this pandemic is important and we want you to be informed as you choose to contribute to BIA-Hawaii as a Call-To-Arms Sponsor. Should you decide that you would prefer to contribute to BIA through our annual corporate sponsorship program, you’ll also find a link to our annual sponsorship opportunity list, which provides broader partnership opportunities.   

    We have power in numbers, and we are looking for 100% participation from our members.


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    Kamali'i Sponsor
    Alaka'i Sponsor
    Alii Sponsor
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    The price must be from $100.00 to $50,000.00
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