• Build a Hawaiian Home Project

  • You are invited to participate as a sponsor for the BIA fundraising campaign Build A Hawaiian Home - The Ohana Aina Project.

    We have broken ground and the process of building the dream has started with a team of BIA member builders lead by Mokulua High Performance Builder (Mokulua HPB). The team has cleared the site, completed the property survey, dug the leach field, and commenced work on the foundation. The last home build project was completed in 2010 and helped pay for BIA’s facility in Waipahu, the Construction Training Center of the Pacific. The success of our projects are only made possible by BIA members’ and industry supporters’ contributions and we are asking for your support.

    BIA Hawaii offers two avenues through which you can support this cause:

    1. Direct Program Sponsorships: Provide a direct cash sponsorship to offset the costs associated with the build. With your assistance, we aim to raise $250,000 in Direct Program Sponsorships. Sponsorship packages are available in increments of $1,250, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000.

    2. Labor, Materials, & Service Sponsorships: Provide labor, materials, or services required for the construction of the home, greatly assisting us in achieving our goal of $250,000 in these sponsorships. We are very appreciative to those who have already committed in this area. Please contact Roseann Freitas, CEO BIA Hawaii at roseann@biahawaii.org, to discuss this level of opportunity and to learn of the project needs as it progresses.

    With your assistance, BIA aims to secure the net goal of $500,000 through the above sponsorships. Our Build a Hawaiian Home project will receive significant visibility and recognition via promotion through traditional media channels, press releases, social media, website features, and program signage.

    The project affords the opportunity to engage with local communities, industry professionals, and potential customers who align with our values and commitment to social responsibility.

    See the detailed sponsorship opportunities here.

    Read the Executive Summary which provides additional background on the project, the family whose home is being built, and Mokulua HPB who is spearheading the build. 

    Your support will help transform the lives of this deserving family and enable BIA to continue its mission of promoting excellence in the construction industry while supporting the communities we serve.

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