• CGP - Business Management for Building Professionals

  • Business Management for Building Professionals NAHB Designation Course
  • Course Description

    *This course is required for CAPS, CGA, CGP, and CGB Designation

    Many business owners in the home building industry acquired trade skills by working for others. At some point, you decided to venture out and start your own business. While trade experience and competence are essential when starting a business, successfully staying in business and making a profit requires skills and tools that many business owners haven't acquired. This course will provide you with the critical knowledge and practical tips for managing your business successfully. 

    This course is specifically designed to serve your needs and provide you with a solid foundation as a small to medium sized builder/remodeler. You'll gain a great grasp of best practices and even as an experienced owner, you'll take away new tools to be even more successful. 

    Who is this class for? 

    Builders or remodelers with or without experience managing a business
    Professionals in fields related to the home building industry who are interested in understanding the challenges and best practices involved in managing a small to medium-sized home building business. 

    As a graduate of this course, you'll be able to:

    • Identify common business challenges and ways to overcome them
    • Describe the three basic functional areas of a business
    • Describe how to plan effectively for achieving business success
    • Identify performance tools
    • Identify methods for recruiting, interviewing, training, and retaining quality personnel

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