• Building Industry Design & Construction Awards Competition

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  • For more than 30 years, the Building Industry Association of Hawaii has held an annual building and design competition. The Renaissance Competition has created a spotlight for hundreds of commercial and residential projects throughout the State of Hawaii. This year, we are excited to announce that the competition will now be called the Building Industry Design and Construction Awards. Together, with the National Kitchen & Bath Association Aloha Chapter (NKBA), BIA-Hawaii is once again prepared to reward the finest construction and design projects that our industry has to offer. This prestigious annual award competition recognizes the diversity and excellence in quality construction and design of new and remodeled projects.



    Entry fees : 
    $400 - one entry
    $750 - two entries
    $900 - three entries
    Entries are based upon the category entry. If you would like to enter in two categories it is considered two entries. 
    If you have a single project with a joint entry it will fall under the 2 entries category (for one category).


    How to Enter

    1. Fill out an application and submit it to Vanessa Vinson at vanessa@biahawaii.org
    2. Watch your email for a “Dropbox Invitation”, and accept this invitation. Be advised you will not be able to submit from a different e-mail address unless you request it for another individual.
    3. Prepare all documents to be submitted. Remove all company logos, titles, and names from all documents before submitting them. Below is the list of required documents:


    -DIVISION AND CATEGORY SELECTION (one entry allows to enter 1 category)






    (NKBA Kitchen & Bath projects, floor plans, and elevations must be to the ¼”, ½” or 1:20 metric scale and clearly labeled to include dimensions) (NKBA SAMPLE SCORE SHEET) If interested individuals want to look into the planning guidelines further, they will need to visit the nkba.org site to purchase the handbook.

    1. Submit all requested documents with the application into Dropbox (shared with you once an application is submitted). If you are unable to load your files, please bring a thumb drive before the deadline to the BIA-Hawaii Offices. No hard copies of applications will be accepted.
    2. Pay your entry submission. (If you prefer to make a payment online please CLICK HERE to complete payment registration) 
    3. Once all items are submitted you will be contacted by Vanessa Vinson if you are missing the required list of documents.
  • Completed Entry Deadline: July 23, 2021


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  • 2021 Building Industry Design & Construction Awards will be held at the Honolulu Country Club.

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