• Due to popular demand.......WE'RE BRINGING IT BACK TO JANUARY!!!

    BIA Hawaii's January BIG Home Building & Remodeling Show 
    JANUARY 20-22, 2023
    Neal S. Blaisdell Center - Exhibition Hall


    We have spaces available along with additional marketing opportunities and sponsorship available.


    Our home show is a great place to get exposure for a business. We operate as a nonprofit organization. 


    Would you like to host a seminar? Offer show discounts? Interested in Sponsorship? Let us know.

    Are you new to the show? Consider joining BIA Hawaii to access show member rates, among many incredible year-long benefits such as discounts, rebates and marketing opportunities. Applications are available here.


  • We are now accepting deposits for booth space!

    To save your spot, complete your registration and payment; booth selections are live and will be reserved for you when you complete the online selection and payment. 

    Commitments (deposits) represent our mutual agreement to hold space for you in the home show; commitment fees are non-refundable. 


    Through the pandemic, BIA Hawaii offered exhibitors an opportunity to roll-forward commitments to the 'next' in-person show. In April & September 2022, BIA Hawaii held its first set of in-person shows in two years offering the opportunity for exhibitors to apply their deposits/commitments. The January 2023 show is the last opportunity to use your 'roll-forward' commitments and related booth payments; unused commitments for the January show will be forfeited to BIA Hawaii and related booth payments will be refunded. 

    Step One: 
    Select your booth and complete the non-refundable deposit/commitment via the live floorplan/map on the  
    EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION page. Time-stamp will be recorded by BIA Hawaii.

    Step Two: 
    You will be emailed a copy of your PAID commitment invoice. If you haven't completed your company profile information on the ExpoFP site where you made your booth selection, please take the opportunity to do so. Please keep an eye out for your final booth invoice that will reflect your remaining balance due along with the due date.

    Step Three: 
    An Exhibitor's Packet will be emailed to you containing mandatory deadlines, booth decor/furnishing/electric order forms, and important show information. Submit your final booth payment, your Certificate of Insurance (COI) for the show dates, and your name badge order form by the mandatory deadlines listed in your Exhibitor's Packet.

  • Booth Qty Booth size Non-Refundable Deposit Due
    1 10' x 10' $500.00
    2 20' x 10' $1,000.00
    3 30' x 10' $1,500.00
    4 40' x 10' $2,000.00
    5 50' x 10' $2,500.00
    6 60' x 10' $3,000.00


    Early Bird Rates Effective:  NOW - OCT 31, 2022
    Base Price Rates Effective: NOV 1 - DEC 15, 2022
    Show Rates Effective: DEC 16, 2022 - JAN 19, 2023

    The time stamp of your registration and deposit/commitment payment will determine the pricing bracket for your final booth balance invoice.

    *** $150 Premium booth upcharge will be added to the final invoice for each corner booth space selected or included ***

  • Show Dates & Times:
    Friday - January 20, 2023   4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
    Saturday - January 21, 2023   9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Sunday - January 22, 2023   9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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