• Value of Your Membership

  • Build Your Reputation and Grow Your Business

    • BIA Recognition: Promote you and your company through Awards Programs that enhance your credibility
    • BIA Leadership: Gain valuable leadership skills by leading a committee or serving as a BIA board member or officer
    • BIA Directory: Members and consumers find your company info online at the BIA website
    • BIA Networking: Meet Member Developers, Builders, Contractors, Suppliers, Architects, Engineers and more
    • BIA Sponsor Recognition: Promote your company by sponsoring events with the BIA Brand of Confidence and Competence

    Be Productive

    • BIA Construction Training Center offers classes in technology, management, product certification, safety certification, regulatory compliance and more so that you can stay current. 
    • BIA Networking Events allow you to build personal relationships with industry professionals and share best practices. There is nothing like face to face contact to build true partnerships. 
    • BIA E-Mail keeps you informed and updated on education classes, events, current trends, emerging issues and much more. 

    Save Money, avoid more costs and harmful legislation

    • BIA Advocacy: BIA monitors, testifies and drafts bills on industry issues to save costs and keep you informed
    • BIA Legislative Day, Shinnen Enkai and Stew Challenge: Meet and network with legislators and members
    • BIA Member Discounts: Receive member discounts on all BIA registrations
    • NAHB Member Advantage Program: Receive member discounts through the NAHB Advantage program. Click here to view download a listing of those discounts.

    Local Partnership Savings 

    Make more business

    • BIA Consumer Shows: Market to consumers who are ready to build and / or remodel
    • BIA Councils and Industry Meetings: Meet government agencies, military contracting officers, and industry specialists and explore opportunities for joint ventures, mentoring, and business expansion