• 4th Annual Housing Summit

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  • 4th Annual Housing Summit

    Turnaround: Solutions to Hawaii's Worsening Housing Crisis

    BIA-Hawaii will hold the 4th Annual Housing Summit on November 15 at the Pomaika‘i Ballroom. While previous summits have examined the conditions which have led to the current crisis and possible legislative solutions, this year's event is meant to ignite change. As the title suggest, the housing shortage is only getting worse. As a community it is vital that we take a stand and push for changes that would result in more housing. Issues that have arisen over the course of the year, ranging from monster homes to illegal vacation rentals are symptomatic of a larger sickness. We must support housing and create an atmosphere that is cooperative and motivated. For this reason, we're bringing leaders who have taken risks to address shortages in their markets and centering discussion on changes that can be implemented now. 

    We need you. BIA-Hawaii members, Community Leaders, Residents, and Stakeholders to attend and participate. You can register for this event today. 

    Register for Pau Hana Reception, 5:30-7:30 pm, Plaza Club here

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    Emcee: Pacific Business News, A. Kam Napier

    Permitting and Housing

    Dennis Hanberg Pierce County Housing Summit BIA-Hawaii

    Speaker: Dennis Hanberg has been involved in the land use and planning fields for nearly 40 years. He has been the Pierce County Planning and Public Works Director since January 2017. Dennis was involved in the successful overhaul of the permitting system in Pierce County. A new system was specifically designed to address permit delays, a lack of transparency and to improve customer service. The plan also streamlined the traditional paper-based inspection system and implemented technology changes which expanded organizational capacity and sustainability. The plan worked so well that Pierce County's permitting system is considered on of the best in the nation. 

    Infrastructure and Transit-oriented Development

    Speaker: R.Chris Lightburne of Development Planning & Financial Group Inc., will concepts for public private partnerships as it pertains to the development on infrastructure. He has led teams to design and implement financing solutions that are tailored to local issues using best practices that he brings from vast project experience. Chris has more than 30 years of experience in financial analysis, real estate economics, public finance, capital markets and information technology. He will specifically present ideas to address Hawaii's need for infrastructure development and transit-oriented development. 

  • BIA-Hawaii President, Dean Uchida responds to a student's questions about the housing crisis

    1) What is/are the root cause/causes of the continued lack of affordable housing in Hawaii?

    2) If policies remain unchanged, what do you think the housing market will look like five years from now?

    3) What steps has BIA taken to address the issue of housing or affordable housing in Hawaii, and what kinds of challenges were faced?


    See response here

  • Partners in Housing

    Partners in Housing is a newly formed alliance of housing advocates representing a wide spectrum of organizations. These organizations include non-profit housing advocated, community development financial institutions, HUD housing counseling agencies and the home building industry. Members primarily represent a range of housing types and needs from extremely to very low income (50% AMI and under) to low and moderate income (51% to 100% AMI) to workforce housing (100% to 140% AMI). The unifying objective is to support and advocate for public policy decisions and legislation that will increase the supply of housing at all price policy decisions and legislation that will increase the supply of housing at all price points in the State of Hawaii. 


    In 2015 the State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism released a report identifying the need for 65,000 new units to be built in the State of Hawaii between 2015 and 2025. Building these units will not solve the housing problem we face in Hawaii today. It will only prevent the problem from becoming worse. This crisis transcends statistics, it is taking a toll on the quality of life for residents of our State that can no longer be ignored or tolerated. We can only build our way out of this crisis with both the public and private sectors working together. 

    Strategic Goals

    Infrastructure and TOD (Transit-oriented development) - BIA-Hawaii and partners must advocate for the planning, funding, and construction of infrastructure focusing on areas planned for transit oriented development. 

    The creation of a State Development Authority that controls zoning, eminent domain, permitting authority and infrastructure projects at transit station locations with large State holdings. 

    The commissioning by the City and County of Honolulu of Engineering study and plans for infrastructure requirements at all transit stations as well as updating LUO (land-use ordinances) for TOD sites. 

    We are also asking that the government provide meaningful support for affordable housing in Hawaii. 

    Partners in Housing will advocated for government support of affordable housing via funding, improved permitting and creative use of government lands. We support the following:

    • Continue the 200 Million funding of the Rental Housing Trust Fund on an annual basis. 
    • Create a State cabinet level position of a housing (not homeless) Czar who would be tasked with finding underutilized State owned land and seeing it developed into housing.
    • A complete overhaul of the City & County of Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting to reduce the backlog and processing time for building permits
    • Establish an Affordable Home Ownership Revolving Fund to support housing for households at or below 100% AMI.
    • Fund a pilot project to build permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless persons at or below 30% AMI. 

    Increase the supply of housing at all price points

    Advocate for a sensible approach to allow the private sector to help build more units where it is economically feasible, while encouraging government to focus on those areas that are not economically feasible. We support the following:

    • Advocate for Statewide production goals and link Counties allotment of the TAT to their success in meeting these bench marks.
    • Eliminate all exactions and fees on projects for projects at 100% AMI and below and cutting all exactions and fees in half for projects at 100% to 140% AMI. 

    Gavin Thornton
    Co-Executive Director
    Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law & Economic Justice

    Christy MacPherson
    Executive Director
    Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE)

    Jean Lilley
    Executive Director
    Hawaii Habitat for Humanity

    Jeff Gilbreath
    Executive Director
    Hawaiian Community Assets

    Hunter Heaivilin
    Sierra Club

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