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    Build-PAC Hawaii Donation

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    Build-PAC Donations.
    The price must be from $10.00 to $10,000.00
    THROUGH Build-PAC Hawaii, our industry has thousands of united voices at the State Legislature and at our City Council. Build-PAC Hawaii works hand-in-hand with BIA's Government Relations Committee (GRC) who screens, monitors, testifies and lobbies on bills of importance to our industry. GRC maintains a voting "scorecard" on each candidate and Build-PAC Hawaii uses that as a guide when interviewing candidates and making funding decisions. 

    We are asking you to support Build-PAC Hawaii with a donation today. With your help, we are able to rally against poor permitting practices and support bills that effectively address issues in our industry. Build-PAC Hawaii calls on BIA's entire membership to mobilize - 100% participation.

    Build-PAC Hawaii will affect pro-housing legislation! Any amount counts! 

    Please make all donations from your personal credit card or checking account.