• General Membership Meeting September 12

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  • We all want to make a difference and be remembered. . .we all want to leave a legacy. 

    Most of us would like to feel like we've made a difference in our careers and personal life-that we have touched the people around us and made a difference. When is a good time to start thinking about our legacy? How do we identify what is meaningful to us? How do you begin initiating or designing the change? Perhaps it is your time to run corporate social responsibility projects or become a mentor or even establish new programs and processes to continue the work that you've begun. This is a meeting to celebrate your work and to learn how you can feel more fulfilled in it. 

    • How do you want to be remembered?
    • What would you like to pass on to the next generation in your field? 
    • What systems need to be put in place to achieve your goals?

    BIA-Hawaii, Business Network International and Honolulu Society of Business Professionals are all invited to attend the next General Membership Dinner and presentation with President and CEO of YMCA Honolulu, Michael Broderick. As a judge, Michael saw thousands of families in front of the court and he was unable to help because often the problems were already beyond the scope of what he could do. At the Y, he is and has been able to make a difference. At this discussion, he hopes to share the idea of leaving a legacy and what that means for all of us as professionals and human beings. You'll find this presentation moving and inspirational. Please join us for a very special General Membership Meeting at Manoa Grand Ballroom on September 12, 2018. We'd like to thank BNI and HSBP and note that members of both organizations can also receive a $50 member discount to attend. Walk-in and non-members are $65. 


    If you are interested in sponsoring a table top presentation at the event, please contact Cathleen in Membership.